Accupuncture and Arthritis : Principles and Mechanism.

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                                       Accupuncture and Arthritis : Principles and Mechanism.

       Arthritis is one of the most common chronic diseases and may result in severely disabling conditions. There are currently 355 million patients around the world suffering from arthritis and in Canada, due to the cold climate, the arthritis rate elevates to a worrisome average of 1 suffering out of 5.


Pathological changes in body joints lead to arthritis’ main symptom – arthralgia or joint pain. There are numerous causes to arthritis, they include: bacterial or viral infection; gout due to the disruption to the metabolic system and autoimmune disease causing rheumatoid arthritis, etc.


Arthritis may be divided in two types, chronic or acute and may be further categorized based on the location.


It is most commonly diagnosed in adults and elders, however, it can affect youths and children as well. The main symptom is not only presented as arthralgia but also in physical deformations disabling other bodily functions and movements. It may also affect the overall body health: lost of appetite and sleep, physical discomfort and internal organ malfunctions.


 Accupuncture’s ( including moxibustion ) mechanism in treating arthritis is directed through regulating meridians or “Qi” channels. It primarily promotes blood flow, the removal of toxic wastes due to the disease and normal body metabolic system and strengthens one’s immune system. Looking at the immediate result after an acupuncture treatment, patients can expect the pain and other discomforts to stop within a short period of time and are encouraged to exercise. Further treatments will allow patients to cease the dependence of pharmaceutical and synthetic drugs. Overall, patients may start strengthening the condition of their joints through a more natural way.


Accupuncture treatment enables fast and long term reduced pain without the dependence of synthetic drugs nor other harmful side effects. It can affectively control the progression of Arthritis and its additive effects over time and most importantly, promoting an overall health strengthening which may lead to a full recovery.