Acupuncture Gains Favor to relief Pain

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       Acupuncture Gains Favor to relief Pain
         Pain is the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. Unfortunately many people have difficult experiences with
         aches and pains. Although pain is a signal to you of ill health or injury, aches and pains can be relieved through the acupuncture
         needle.  The relief of pain will be the main concern of medical science in the future.
        Many patients now undergoing routine acupuncture treatments do so because the aches and pains they’ve been experiencing
        with the prescribed medicines and procedures have failed to bring relief.  While continuing to be the object of skepticism,
        acupuncture has gained impressive support and validation in the past decade. The World Health Organization now recognizes
        more than 40 medical problems that can be helped by acupuncture.


       The reason why acupuncture can rel  ieve pain is that illness is due to a disruption of chi, which leads to imbalance of energy.
       The acupoints are located near nerves, and when they are stimulated by hair thin needles that are inserted into the nerves, they
       send messages to the spinal cord and brain via adjacent muscles. In response, the brain prompts the release of various soothing
       hormones that mute these pain messages.


       Scientific research on Acupuncture Therapy has strongly demonstrated not only its illness-healing capacity but also Its ability
       to provide the following results : enhancement of natural body immunity against harmful pathogens, strengthening of cellular
       activity, improvement of circulation, slowing of the aging progression and amelioration of its effects. It also helps to maintain
       a healthy figure.
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2591 Robin Dr. Mississauga, Ontario, L5K 2G2. Canada

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