Acupuncture: healthy weight loss

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                                       Acupuncture: healthy weight loss

              In today’s society, technological advancements are rapidly transforming our environment, diet, social and work routine.
              This pressured change in lifestyle causes a sharp rise in unhealthy weight and obesity – an undeniable health trend swelling
              up as one of the top health threats in the global community. 
             Although few people may benefit slightly from the innumerable arrays of complicated and often torturous weight loss
            strategies, high failure rate still overpowers. Poor results are aggravated by heavy weight rebound and most importantly by
            serious health side effects. In this negative feedback, people who are overweight and obese lose not pounds, but health.
            Acupuncture’s approach to stimulating healthy weight is guided by Traditional Chinese Medicine’s unique physiological
            principles, which view the human body and its intricate parts as a whole interactive entity. Therefore, overweight and obesity
            are regarded as the external manifestation caused by a disruption of the internal organs. Each weight-related symptom    
            represents a different internal condition and is treated accordingly by varying acupuncture techniques along with lifestyle
            counseling, all tailored specifically to each patient, because no two human bodies and experiences are alike. In addition to
            improving the figure and strengthening the communication and interaction of the whole body system, acupuncture also tackles
            other weight related conditions: high blood pressure and cholesterol, steatohepatitis (fatty liver), cardiovascular disease,
            diabetes, arthritis, joint pain, etc.
           It is important to note that acupuncture’s weight loss treatment has no negative side effects, an advantage unattainable with
           western approach. In addition, since acupuncture provides a complete health improvement by attending to not only weight loss
           but also lifestyle, diet and other accompanying health conditions, it cannot be rushed like regular food restrictions. It also
           prevents weight rebound; it is common for people to continue to benefit acupuncture’s effects of healthy weight maintenance
           even after treatment.


     Acupuncture’s weight loss techniques represent a natural, safe and non-invasive approach to achieving ideal weight, it
          strengthens overall body system.  It is suitable for all. Each individual’s body, lifestyle and weight inducing factors are all
          different - the required time and goal will vary as well. Certainly, with continuous personal effort and a sustained regime of
           acupuncture’s holistic care, healthy weight is achievable by all.
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