Allergy : Treat it early

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                              Allergy : Treat it earl
Allergic condition and illness are primarily related to one’s own unique body, the environment and surrounding infectious factors. For those who are allergy-prone, during weather changes, conditions such as allergic rhinitis or “hay fever”, asthma and dermatitis, etc. could appear. If left untreated for a prolonged period of time, allergies will lead to a major life disabling and severely reduce one’s quality of life.


The cause of allergy is complex, they include: irregular internal hormonal secretion, neural and psychological factors, hereditary factors, etc. There is an abundant source of allergens, allergy causing elements, they include: pollen, insects, plants, food, perfumes, etc. All the above factors lead to allergic reactions due to an overly sensitive immunity stemming originally from the patient’s own body.  


Though it is widely known that acupuncture can treat pains and illnesses, acupuncture’s effective treatment of allergies is a well hidden secret that is now being brought to health care professionals and patient’s attention. Acupuncture can finely regulate one’s immune system therefore target allergic conditions according to individual body characteristics.

In North America, allergies are commonly experienced with asthma as one of the leading ailments. According to a recent survey conducted by the American Asthma Association and Allergy Control, 62% per cent of asthma patients are currently receiving acupuncture treatments along with other natural supplements such as Chinese herbal medicine. In U.S., asthma patients exceeds 50 million with pharmaceutical drug expenditure over 3.80 billion dollars. The American Acupuncture Association vice president Marshall Sack explains that synthetic pharmaceutical drugs’ treatment rate is very low and it presents heavy side effects. He indicates that acupuncture can finely regulate and adjust the immune system thus alleviate allergic reactions.

       The key is to use acupuncture as an early treatment both at the beginning of the allergic progression for those who are newly developing allergic reactions and also a month prior to seasonal ( periodical ) allergic reactions for those with established conditions.