How to Overcome Depression

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                              How to Overcome Depression

In today’s world, the inflation rate is high, the economy is unhealthy, the unemployment rate is increasing, and it is common for people to experience the stress at work. Recently, we are facing many depression patients; they are all victims of today’s world competition.

In fact, as early as 10 years ago, the World Health Organization predicted that depression will become the 21st century’s major human killer. According to the World Health Organization investigation showed that, at present, there are about 100 million people worldwide suffering from depression, and the number keeps increasing, which is becoming a very popular disease of our age. If your are emotionally down for an extended period of time, and is living a dysfunctional life, you have to be careful because you may have been suffering from this popular mental illness.

The depression is mainly due to the inherent physiological factors, such as the central nervous system endocrine amount too low; it may also be the result of personality: some people have high expectation, have unachievable goals, eventually cause them to be disillusioned between the real world and their expectation. Another main reason is from the external pressure: the loss of loved one, unemployment, work stress. No matter if the symptoms are internal or external, they eventually lead to the mental collapse.

The main symptoms of depression are: lack of energy, memory loss, unresponsive to surroundings, feeling frustration easily, and diminishing confidence. Physiological changes are: fatigue, insomnia or excessive sleeping, poor appetite, and malaise.

The prevention of depression should first cultivate expansive view of life, and frequently perform relaxation exercises.

If you have already suffering from depression or have a tendency to feel depressed, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Here, we recommend qigong massage and acupuncture method; this method can also adjust the psychosomatic areas: to avoid the side affects of drug treatment, and have a very effective long-term result. After our treatment on many patients with depression, they are quickly restored to the normal life without addicted to any drugs.