New Treatment for Insomnia

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                    New Treatment for Insomnia
         On average, a person spends about a third of lifetime in the sleep. A good sleep is an enjoyment, and is a great method to
             release stress; thus, the quality of sleep directly impacts with the quality of life.


       Clinically, insomnia means that under a good sleeping environment, a person is unable to receive a satisfied level of rest,
       and affects the daytime social function.


      Common effects of insomnia:

·         taking a long time to fall asleep

·         experiencing physical tiredness in the daytime

·         losing vigilance and energy

·         suffering the quality of life

·         causing the headache

·         decreasing mental and physical performance

·         feeling depressed and stressful


    Common reasons to insomnia:

·         body ache

·         anxious

·         depression

·         phobia

·         sleep apnoea (snort)

·         the medicine and certain material application

·         internal organs vigorous sickness


     A person losing sleep due to psychological influence is called sequential insomnia. A minority of population cannot
     discover the affirmative reason of insomnia, is called primary insomnia.


      According to the investigation, around the globe 42.5% people have the varying degree of insomnia; unfortunately 80%
      of them never receive any treatments.


      In fact, insomnia treatment does not need to have any side effects, and can work effectively, that is the acupuncture
            treatment. We have cured many insomnia cases with acupuncture method. Because insomnia is frequently caused by
            other illnesses, therefore we utilize acupuncture to adjustment a person’s body characteristics. Going through our
            acupuncture treatment, it guarantees no dependency on any medications, and a gradual process of gaining your sleep back.
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