Nourishing, Healthy, natural Anti-Aging Plan

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    Nourishing, Healthy, natural Anti-Aging Plan

                 Scientific research on Accupuncture Therapy have strongly demonstrated not only its illness healing capacity but also

                 providing the following results : enhances natural body immunity against harmful pathogens, strengthens cellular activity,

                 improves circulation, slows aging progression and ameliorates its effects, and helps to maintain a healthy figure.

                Accupuncture Therapy has been practiced for thousands of years as the central component of Chinese Holistic Medicine

                 and over the course of the history it has been refined to perfection.  

                 According to both historical and modern clinical evidences the use of Accupuncture Therapy for health and well-being

                 from as early as 30 years of age can delay the emergence of aging related illnesses and effects by 20 years.  Similarily,

                 the start of Accupuncture Therapy at 40 years of age can delay the emergence of aging conditions by 10 years, at 50 years

                 of age can delay by 5 years and at 60 years of age, Accupunture Therapy can ameliorate or slows the progression of existing

                 aging conditions.

             1. Total Body Balance 
         Treats body tension and ill conditions as well as the more subtler emotional and mental layers of everyday mal and stress. 
         Strengthens natural body immunity and promotes overall health and wellness. 
             2. Facial Renewal
    Treats and prevents facial aging effects.  Resulting in radiant, smoother skin, fewer fine lines and wrinkles, eliminates
         eyebags and decreases pore size.  Lasting results without irritation or inflammation.
               3. Elemental Facial Massage
     Chinese medicinal and herbal facial massage which includes pressure point,  accupuncture and lymphatic drainage
          techniques.  It eliminates signs of fatigue across face and stimulates healthy elasticity.  The massage also helps to remove
          acne, migraines and improves sleep plus other benefits. 
            4. Weight Loss    
    Overall body or targetted regional weight control.   Also treats cholestrol, hypertension, steatohepatitis (fatty liver) and diabetes.
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