The acupuncture is effective against the Climacteric Syndrome

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       The acupuncture is effective against the Climacteric Syndrome


    As we get older, the sex hormone amount in our body inevitably drops; this is when our immune system weakens
     and our health is at a higher risk than ever.
    Women: 45 - 55
For women between the ages of 45 to 55, due to the estrogen amount decreases faster, women will experience
some typical symptoms such as:

§ The irregular menstruation, menopause, fever, dizziness, headache, tinnitus, back pain

§ The dryness in the mouth, mood instability, palpitation, rise of the blood pressure, obesity, joint ache

           Men: 40+

For men entering into their 40th and 50th, some common symptoms will likely appear:

§ The drop of the energy level, shortening of the attention span, drop of the memory, sleep reduction,

§ The weakness of the physical ability, lost of the interest to the surrounding environment

§ The anxiety, moodiness, uncontrollable anger, over-suspicion

§ The osteoporosis, drop of the sexual desire, difficulty of having the erection


    The menopause cannot be avoided by anyone, but not everyone experience the same symptoms; some people
    are less impacted, some are greatly impacted affecting their work, life and health. The Menopause cycle’s length
 could be as short as only several months, and it could be as long as up to several years.
Regardless of women or men, The Climacteric Syndrome has impact on physical and mental aspects; therefore, the
 prevention and the treatment should give a dual attention to the body and the psychological dimension.
 People react differently when facing The Climacteric Syndrome. Some patients are extremely worried about their
  body; they take an excessive amount of the medicine, those medicines can reduce symptoms temporarily, but can
  aggravate the seriousness at any time. Also, the medicines’ side-effects could be everlasting causing other types
  of illnesses. Some patients resist to the treatment, causing the symptom to aggravate to even transform into a
   permanent disease.
         The acupuncture works best
         The menopause is the physiological process in which everyone must go through, if the obvious symptoms are
         present, it is best to seek the appropriate treatment promptly. In fact, the best method of treatment to The
         Climacteric Syndrome is the acupuncture.    

§ The acupuncture focuses to the selective acupuncture points according to the different symptoms which the patient displays.

§ The acupuncture will adjust the multi-systems and the multi-internal organs

§ The acupuncture can quickly reduce or eliminate the symptoms

§ The acupuncture can reduce the menopause cycle

§ The acupuncture does not have any side effect

§ The acupuncture will not cause any dependency for your body

§ The acupuncture can avoid the overweight as a result of the menopause

             The acupuncture can mitigate the serious diseases affecting the quality of life
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