The Art of Tai Chi and Acupuncture

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The Art of Tai Chi and Acupuncture


Tai Chi is the basis of acupuncture discipline, only by integrating Tai Chi theory with acupuncture knowledge the best effect can be brought out. A good acupuncture doctor must know Tai Chi well in order to achieve better results at the clinical practices.

Many patients come to our clinic for treatment, they found out that the efficacy of our treatment is good, these patients have been to a lot of acupuncture doctors, spent a lot of time and money, but rarely came out satisfied. Some doctors tell patients that acupuncture practice is a long process, and costly, but that should not be the case if Tai Chi practice is integrated.

Tai Chi and acupuncture combination is effective against a variety of body pain, and works well when facing many incurable diseases that Western medicine practice cannot conquer, such as: depression, insomnia, tension, constipation, endocrine disorders, allergies, neurological and sexual dysfunction, and so on.

Apart from acupuncture doctors, other people practice   Tai Chi to adjust the physical and psychological of the body; Tai Chi is an excellent exercise to prevent diseases, to prolong anti-aging, and to improve the body's immune system. Now, our clinic is welcoming everyone in the neighborhood to come and learn Tai Chi regardless of sex and age.