The Sports Injuries' Prevention and Treatment

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                 The Sports Inju ries' Prevention and Treatment
    As the summer approaches, we increase the outdoor activities, and we play more sports; this is the time when most of the
   sports-related injuries occur. According to Australian New South Wales Injury Research Center indicated, about half of
   population that plays sports has previously involved in a form of sports injuries, and this trend is not slowing down.
   Generally speaking, the sports injuries are mainly the exterior injuries; like sprain, ache, tumescent, bruise, and flesh wound.
   With excessive exercises, these injuries gradually worsened.
   Regardless of what kinds of sport injuries, the early treatment is very important. Especially injuries occur due to excessive
   exercises, because the injury itself does not affect the body movement activity, therefore rarely people pay attention to such
   small discomfort, in addition the unceasing movement, the injury will develop into a problem that is hard to cure. Injuries will
   aggravate gradually along with the ache will cause the long-term dependent on pain-relieving medicine, which is only a
   mitigation approach to the real problem.
   To avoid any sports injuries, we must be conscious where we play sports, and we need a proper warm-up period before any
   activities. We should not perform excessive exercises, and we should not play sports with an empty stomach or after eating.
   Last, drinking plenty of water (fluid) always helps our body to rejuvenate.
  The acupuncture is the most effective method to treat sports injuries, and is also the quickest method of treatment. Like sprain,
  ache, tumescent, bruise and so on, if the treatment is taken early in the stage of the injury, there is a higher chance of cure it and
  will not keep any nagging effect. If the treatment period is delayed, treatment time will be longer too. If you are already taking
  any medications, acupuncture can solve the pain and also remove your medical dependency.
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